What is a student progress report?

One good way to help students succeed is to track and review their progress over time. Learn what a student progress report is and how to use it.

The purpose of a student progress report is to present a view of how a student is developing over a period longer than a single term. It contains more detailed information than a standard report card. Teachers can use it to help both students and parents participate in developing an educational plan to meet their student’s needs.

What to include in a student progress report.

As a teacher, in extraordinary situations, you may decide to write a weekly progress report — but in general, they’re more often used to track a student’s development over several terms. Using a template helps you be consistent. And a flexible form designer lets you quickly add all the items you want to track and then easily insert signatures. You can also create a helpful progress report template using various Adobe Acrobat online services tools.

Here is a list of things to remember when creating a student progress report:

Student progress reports help teachers anticipate the future needs of each student. They use it to communicate clearly with parents and help students identify areas where they should apply more effort or seek additional help. To be most effective, student progress reports should be clear and easy to understand.

Creating progress reports is only one of many ways PDFs can make a teacher’s job easier. Take a moment to explore everything you can do with Acrobat DC today.