What is IRS Form 8822?

Let the IRS know when you move houses. Learn what Form 8822 is and how you can quickly fill and sign it digitally.

Moving to a new home requires more than just spending a day or two carrying furniture. You also have to inform people of your new address. One of the most important you should report a change of address to is the IRS.

Here we’ll look at the IRS Form 8822 and explain how you can make completing it easier.

Learn about Form 8822.

The IRS Form 8822 is officially titled “Change of Address.” Like the title says, you use it to let the IRS know your new mailing address.

If the IRS needs to send you documents— like notices or paper refund checks — they’ll use the address from your most recent tax return. If you haven’t told them you’ve moved, you might miss these important documents. This is why you should keep tax officials updated on your mailing address.

The IRS mailing address on file doesn’t necessarily need to be your home address, as long as it’s an address where you regularly receive mail. If you’re self-employed and need to change your business address, you can report the change with Form 8822-B.

How to fill Form 8822?

IRS has made filling Form 8822 easy by making it available as a PDF. You simply have to download the form and type in your information with PDF editing software, like Adobe Acrobat DC. The PDF comes with step-by-step instructions on how to fill in the form.

Once you’ve finished adding your information, you can use Acrobat DC’s Fill & Sign tool to sign the PDF with a legally binding e-signature. Then, just print and mail the form to the IRS. You can also fill and sign the document with Acrobat online services. Find out more ways to work with PDFs online.

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