What to include in a startup employment contract.

Startup businesses need top-notch employees, but how can they attract them? One way is a well-crafted employment contract.

Many experienced employees will not leave their current job without written guarantees from a prospective new employer, and this is where an employment contract comes in handy. Employment agreements for startups should be clear about the expected work relationship, giving the new hire confidence to come on board.

Crucial components of an employment contract.

When crafting an employment contract, you’ll want to create a document that spells out all the critical aspects of your relationship with your new employee. It should protect your interests and detail all the reasons the new employee decided to come to work for you.

Include the terms of employment, the employee onboarding startup date, and how long the work will last. Entrepreneurs can get creative with how to pay employees in a startup. So, be sure the contract includes the salary or other compensation as well as any other benefits you will provide. It’s a good idea to include a paragraph about the circumstances under which you may have to let the employee go if things don’t work out.

Employment contract document management.

For startups and other small businesses, choosing the right apps to create, edit, share, and manage documents helps the company stay flexible and agile. Look for technology that helps you stay organized and secure. Pick document management tools with functionality and features created for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you use Word, for example, to create your contract, you can use Adobe Acrobat DC to convert the agreement to PDF. (You can also do this using Acrobat online services.) Especially if you have remote workers, it’s important to have a convenient, easy to share, yet secure method for executing your contracts.

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