Create an independent consultant contract template.

As technology helps businesses with instant communications and work-from-anywhere apps and software, freelance consultants have become a popular alternative to full-time employees.

People with specialized knowledge and skills often turn to independent consulting to make their living. They enjoy the freedom of running their own small business and the challenge of helping others. From accounting to weddings, consultants fill the need when companies or individuals don’t want to hire a full-time employee.

How to create an independent consultant agreement.

A well-written freelance consulting contract protects the consultant and their client from any misunderstanding. Many consultants find it convenient to create an independent consultant agreement form with editable fields to fill in the details of each project. The terms and conditions typically remain the same for each client.

The following list of essential items should be included in any independent consulting contract:

After you’ve created your independent consultant agreement form, you can use Adobe Acrobat to convert it to PDF, share it with your clients, and get their signatures. You can also do this using Acrobat online services. And if you have global clients, it’s even more important to have a convenient, easy to share, yet secure method for executing your contract.

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