Why are PDF files greyed out on iPhone?

PDF files are greyed out because your iPhone can’t open that document type.

Not being able to open a specific file can be a frustrating experience. If you have greyed-out files on a PDF on your iPhone, it’s likely because your device doesn’t support the file type. You’ll need to open the PDF using a different app if you want to view it.

iPhones can’t open greyed files.

When an iPhone can’t open a specific file type, it greys out the file in your selector, making it unclickable. This will happen if you don’t have the right viewing software downloaded to your device.

The most common type of greyed-out file on iPhone is a PDF. While PDFs are great for maintaining formatting, they require specific software to view. Without a proper reader, your PDF files will be greyed out on your iPhone.

How to open PDF files greyed out on an iPhone.

Just because a PDF file is greyed out doesn’t mean you can’t open it. You just need to find a PDF reader that works with your iPhone.

The easiest way to view a greyed-out PDF is with an online PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat online services. Simply upload the PDF you want to view, and you can read and edit it right from your iPhone’s web browser — no downloads necessary.

Another way to open greyed-out PDFs is by downloading a PDF reader online. With the right software, you can open PDF files using the reader, and you won’t have to deal with greyed-out PDF files ever again.

Greyed-out PDFs can be annoying, but it doesn’t mean your files are lost forever. Use the PDF editor of your choice or download a PDF viewer app to read PDFs on your iPhone.