3D Transforms


Layer in depth, rotate across planes, present in perspective, and more.

Design in a new dimension.

Step into the new, magical plane of UX in 3D. Move or rotate objects in space, add the appearance of depth, and showcase your work in perspective. Design with intuitive tools and experience the wonder of immersive dimension.

Deliver the impossible

Present stunning realness by layering objects forward and backward in 3D space.

Three dimensions at work

Move beyond flat screen design into breathtaking dimensions with simple tools found right on your canvas.

Future-proof your flow

Modernize your process and create for the next generation in AR/VR experiences.

How it works.


Select a component.

Apply 3D Transforms to individual components, layers, and groups.

Enable 3D Transforms.

Click the 3D cube icon in the Property Inspector to enable the toolset. You’ll see a new control appear on your canvas.

Rotate and move.

Use the canvas control or enter values in the Property Inspector to rotate objects and introduce depth along the x-, y-, or z-axis.

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