What’s new in Team Projects 

We’re rolling out regular updates, so check back to see the latest additions.   

Team Projects

After Effects experience improvements

Asynchronous media loading lets you work while your project continues loading in the background.

User experience improvement

Search and filter by project name in the Manage Team Projects dialogue. 

Team Projects

Improved invitations

Save time by inviting collaborators to a team project using groups synced from your organisation’s directory instead of typing individual addresses.

Team Projects

Online presence improvements

New features improve real-time team collaboration. See who is online and has a project open, who has shared changes and who made changes that conflict with what you’re working on.

Better project management

Embed linked projects within a Team Project. You can also import a local Adobe Premiere Pro project as a shared project.

View historic versions

See read-only historic versions of Team Projects in order to retrieve assets to add to a current Team Project.

Show conflicts

A new asset status badge gives you a visual reminder of unresolved conflicts.

Team Projects

Access to auto-saves

Check when auto-saves of your edits were made. Easily revert to a previous auto-save or create a new team project from an auto-save.

Experience improvements

Improved asset status badges alert you when edits are made by team members even before changes are shared. Periodic reminders to share changes keep all team members up to date. And shared versions are now easier to access.

Support for multiple open projects

Open, access and work on multiple Adobe Premiere Pro projects and Team Projects simultaneously. Jump between episodes or scenes organised as separate projects, edit and copy portions of one project into another and more.

Team Projects (Beta) v. 0.2.0

Works with the latest Creative Cloud apps

Team Projects (Beta) is now available through the latest versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, Prelude, After Effects and Media Encoder.

Support for Dynamic Link

Collaborate better across applications. Adobe Dynamic Link allows files to be shared across After Effects and Premiere Pro without rerendering.

Support for After Effects Motion Graphics templates

Access these easy-to-customise motion graphics templates from anywhere.

Integration with Media Encoder

Output media in a unified way across all Team Project client applications with Adobe Media Encoder.

Visual cues when collaborators are editing

Get an alert when another collaborator is editing the same sequence or asset to minimise conflicts.