Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) helps you to engage with your audience faster with personalised experiences by increasing efficiency in authoring, creating, managing and delivering content over one or more digital channels.

Content Management System

Challenges to maximising content management.


You must address content management challenges related to people, processes and tools for a long-term content marketing strategy to work.
Lack of flexibility across channels.
Lack of flexibility across channels.
Inability to scale.
Inability to scale.
Inadequate content governance.
Inadequate content governance.
Siloed content.
Siloed content.


Experience the benefits of intelligent content management sytems.


When you overcome the challenges of managing content with a CMS supporting a well-defined content management strategy, you achieve several benefits.


Faster time to market.
Faster time to market.
You can quickly create, modify, approve and deliver dynamic, engaging content when you have core components and pre-defined experiences built into an intelligent CMS solution.
Higher customer engagement and conversions.
Higher customer engagement and conversions.
When content is managed effectively using a content management system, your engagement and conversion metrics are easier to achieve.
Scalable security and control.
Scalable security and control.
A CMS offers cloud-based capabilities to expand as your business grows. Add as many collaborators, assets and sites as you need to quickly extend your reach and deliver consistent, personalised campaigns.
Boost in ROI and revenues.
Greater content flexibility.
As your channels expand, you can create once and publish with flexibility by re-using and re-purposing content without a need to code a new publishing environment.
Adobe can help.
Adobe Experience Manager is a flexible solution that helps you quickly orchestrate, deliver and scale adaptable experiences across web and mobile touchpoints along the customer journey. 



Content management systems from Adobe drive excellence.


See how leading-edge brands use Adobe Experience Manager to optimise their experiences.
Amanda Cichon, IT Manager, Garmin


"We have to be able to evolve, mature. The platform has to support our growing needs as well. Adobe has really come to the table."
— Amanda Cichon,
IT Manager, Garmin
Matt Ladner, Senior GUI Developer, ALSAC
"We have a real advantage in telling stories in a digital manner. Audiences need different experiences and fast content."
— Matt Ladner,
Senior GUI Developer, ALSAC


Content management system FAQ.

How does a CMS help us to deliver more sales leads?
When you develop a consumer-first content strategy with your content management system, you reveal preferences, interests and needs that can be targeted to build trust and brand loyalty. By pushing out content that becomes more relevant, interesting and compelling, you send more leads to sales.
Can I automate content management?
You can automate several activities by using a content management system, including content optimisation and delivery, responsive display, approval workflows, translation and more.
We are a global company. How do we manage content at scale and across different regions?
A content management system provides global enterprises with greater content governance and access management as you scale. Store, tag, access and search for contextually relevant content from a unified interface easily deployed across scattered teams.
What are localised, centralised and federated content management?
A localised model gives content control to those closest to its creation. A centralised model puts control in a single content hub. Federated control shares content across multiple repositories.
Does a CMS require a heavy IT investment?
It depends on what you want from it and how you build your solution. Adobe provides considerable support and expertise to ensure you have an architecture with a minimum dependency on IT.
Do I need separate strategies for web, mobile, in-venue and Internet of Things?
Not with the right CMS solution in place. By using a content fragment structure with independent textual, visual and rich media elements you're able to easily adapt user experiences to fit any format.

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