What’s New in Adobe Experience Manager

To lead the digital pack, constant innovation is a must. Our latest updates to AEM 6.5 give you instant access to exciting improvements that will drive your business forward even faster.

Smart Crop for Video

Automatically detect the focal point of a video, crop the video across fixed aspect ratios, and automatically track the focal point throughout the frame.

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Enhanced Headless CMS Capabilities

Enhanced Headless CMS Capabilities

Create experiences in Experience Manager or your favorite front-end framework using Experience Manager as the content engine with HTTP APIs for structured content models and JSON outputs.

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Visual Search

Digital Asset Search

Easily find content with AI-powered Adobe Sensei, which can recognize the content and color scheme of a selected asset and surface similar assets stored in the DAM.

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Adobe Experience Manager Sites

With the latest release of Adobe Experience Manager Sites, you still have the same agility to create, manage, and deliver personalized experiences with easy-to-use tools backed by the power of AI. But, you also have so much more.

The latest innovations to Experience Manager Sites make it easier to craft relevant experiences across any channel throughout the customer journey. Key features include a developer focused toolkit on using Experience Manager as a headless content management solution, including a new HTTP API and GraphQL API for Magento Commerce. New production-ready components will further speed time to launch experiences. For marketers, new innovations allow greater flexibility to manage content across traditional web and emerging channels such as single page apps and in-venue digital screens.

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Deliver even more engaging and relevant SPA experiences with the ability to localise and translate content, make in-context edits and preview those changes. Server-side rendering of the first page enables improved load time and SEO performance. Also, a new starter kit and guided tutorial for React/Angular based SPA accelerates time to market.

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Leverage our light-weight HTTP API to pull structured content fragments from Experience Manager and deliver to any endpoint (single page apps, mobile apps, IoT, voice and more) allowing developers to scale content delivery to multiple channels.

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Easily scale applications by efficiently pulling data and content from Magento Commerce using the GraphQL API. Extended support for Experience Manager will be coming later this year.

Get to market faster with few more production-ready, configurable and extensible components including teaser, carousel, tabs and more.

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Marketers can now easily export Experience Fragments in a JSON format to Adobe Target. From there, run A/B tests or implement rules-based personalisation with Adobe Sensei. This offers agility in re-purposing offers and campaigns across many channels.

Dynamically trigger contextually relevant in-store content of any type or playlist based on events like sensors, API values or inventory. And, deliver rich experiences like dynamic pricing and menus by layering text from back-end systems over other images and videos.

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Easily schedule a batch of content for future publishing and reduce download times with SmartSync, which lets players intelligently download only content changes.

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Improve insights for proof of play reporting, interaction analytics and more with pre-configured Adobe Analytics integration that caches data when off-line.

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Adobe Experience Manager Assets

With thousands of digital assets created by your company, finding and using the right asset can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not with Experience Manager Assets. Powered by Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine learning platform, you can quickly find, edit and use assets to create amazing new experiences.

With our latest updates, assets like videos and photographs can be quickly searched, cropped and perfectly rendered on any device. You’ll save massive amounts of time and be able to craft exactly the experiences you want without re-inventing the wheel.

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Automatically detect the focal point of a video, crop the video across fixed aspect ratios and automatically track the focal point throughout the frame.

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Upload assets through the Brand Portal to the author environment to easily share assets more securely. Also, use Dynamic Media in the Brand Portal to automatically generate device-optimised renditions of video assets.

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Easily find content with AI (powered by Adobe Sensei), which can recognise the content and colour scheme of a selected asset and surface similar assets stored in the DAM. Dynamically update and curate search facets, depending on the selection of other facets for a more streamlined and precise search process.

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Create, manage and deliver immersive 360-degree video experiences perfectly rendered on any device.

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Create customised video thumbnails by parsing, jogging or scrubbing through full video and selecting the frame to use as the thumbnail for that video.

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Employ the power of machine learning by Adobe Sensei to analyse a video and suggest several frames for thumbnail display.

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Adobe Experience Manager Forms

Instead of digging and sorting through stacks of forms and reams of paper, Experience Manager Forms can transform your enrolment, onboarding and customer communications into personalised, streamlined digital experiences.

With the latest updates, your enrolment and communication processes will be paperless, automated and scalable across multiple channels. You’ll also be able to quickly create and personalise cross-channel content with simplified keyboard shortcuts and more visually-engaging components. Take a peek at our latest features to learn how.

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Synchronise content and format from print documents to quickly create, publish and refine mobile-responsive web communications and enjoy more interactive capabilities than traditional print documents.

Simplify the authoring of longer documents within multi-channel interactive communications to increase personalisation. Authors can immediately view bound/unbound data elements, use undo/redo actions, expand/collapse fragments, use keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop elements directly onto text or field fragments.

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Make digital communications more visual and engaging with new chart types that represent data clearly and effectively. Easy configuration and sorting for table columns make it simple for customers to quickly view the data they care most about without the hassle of exporting data into Excel and leaving your website.

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Meet the most rigorous regulatory requirements globally by independently validating identity through a trusted authority with PKI-based digital signatures.

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Re-use workflows across the forms library to scale common processes, simplify workflow authoring using variables and customised data types and debug forms workflows faster with improved logging capabilities.

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Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services

Delivering amazing digital experiences shouldn’t take weeks or months and with Managed Services, it doesn’t have to. Even customised changes, such as altering navigation or adding new functionality, can take only a matter of hours or days.

Cloud Manager for Experience Manager gives IT a state-of-the-art continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline. The latest release includes autoscaling and enhanced quality gate checks, allowing customisations to be deployed more frequently without compromising performance or security.

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Intelligently detect the need for additional capacity when there are unusually high production loads and add capacity as needed through peak events.

Execute additional tests with code quality checks in a non-production CI/CD Pipeline and performance testing for Assets.

Frictionless upgrades will reduce time and complexity of version upgrades, providing teams access to the newest AEM features even quicker and with minimal downtime.

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