A woman in an orange jacket and jeans standing in front of a mirror, checking her appearance.

May 2024 | Lightroom introduces the power of Adobe Firefly with all-new Generative Remove.

Make distractions disappear in a single click and get high-quality results in seconds with our most powerful removal tool yet. And get pro-quality background blur with AI-powered Lens Blur and Lens Blur adaptive presets.

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https://main--cc--adobecom.hlx.page/cc-shared/fragments/discovery-hub/photoshop#photoshop | AI-generated image of a circular neon portal surrounded by an overgrowth of colorful coral | :play:

April 2024 | The Next Generation of generative AI is now in Photoshop.

Create higher quality images more easily with the new Text to Image feature, improved Generative Fill experience, and a suite of new generative AI features and expanded controls in the Photoshop (beta) app.

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https://main--cc--adobecom.hlx.page/cc-shared/fragments/discovery-hub/express#express | Advertisement imagery of Adobe Express for mobile

April 2024 | All-new Adobe Express mobile app with Firefly AI now available.

Anyone can ideate, design, and share standout social media posts, videos, flyers, logos, and more with the new all-in-one AI content creation app.

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AI assistant capabilities image example

April 2024 | Adobe transforms PDF experiences with General Availability of Acrobat AI Assistant.

Acrobat AI Assistant is now available to customers with free Reader or paid Acrobat for individual plans when they purchase a new AI Assistant add-on subscription. Early access pricing starts at Acrobat Pro price.

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https://main--cc--adobecom.hlx.page/cc-shared/fragments/discovery-hub/project-music#project-music | AI video editing workflow

April 2024 | New generative AI features coming to Premiere Pro.

Seamlessly extend a video clip for the perfect edit. Add AI-generated elements to your footage, change the landscape, or easily remove unwanted objects like boom mics, light stands, or brand logos.

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Images created with the new Firefly Image 3 Model

April 2024 | Adobe advances creative ideation with the new Firefly Image 3 Model.

Now available in beta in Firefly, Photoshop, and InDesign, Adobe Firefly Image 3 Model brings new levels of creative expression and control to all with stunning advancements in quality, styling capabilities, and detail.

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