How to convert an ePub file to a PDF

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Looking to make your eBook ePub more readable? We’ll show you how.

ePub files are used across the globe as an eBook storage format that can be displayed on devices of many shapes and screen sizes. However, many of the major platforms don’t support the file format, so converting documents to a supported eBook file format is essential for viewing them correctly.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to convert .epub files for use on any device, using online tools. Find out how to convert ePub files to PDF online by following our simple steps.

What is an ePub file?

How to convert ePub to PDF.

Benefits of converting files to PDF.

Frequently asked questions.

What is an ePub file?

An ePub file, short for electronic publication, is a commonly used file extension for eBook documents. They are not always readable on certain devices, such as Kindles, iPhone and Android devices.

When opened on these devices, the formatting may not display correctly. This is because these devices use platforms that have their own applications for reading eBook documents.

If you wish to open ePub files on your computer or smartphone, it’s recommended to convert them to a file format that is compatible with more devices, such as PDF.

How to convert ePub to PDF.

There are various online converters available for just about any file format. Learning how to convert ePub to PDF is straightforward as most tools work in a similar way.

  1. Find the ePub file you want to convert and upload it into a secure third-party online converter.
  2. Choose a file size. The most popular is A4, which is easier to use on mobile devices and laptops.
  3. You may be asked to choose a margin. If so, select the smallest setting when converting.
  4. Click Convert.
  5. Download your document in PDF format. It’s now available for you to save and send as needed.

A PDF is a nearly universal file, which means it’s compatible with most devices. It doesn’t matter if you use a phone, computer, or tablet, a PDF file will always look the same.

Share between friends, colleagues and clients and ensure everyone can read your important documents.

You can also convert other file types to PDF online using our online services. Just upload the file you want to convert, let the software do its magic, and download the converted file. You’ll have a device-friendly PDF that’s easy to read and share on the go.

Benefits of converting files to PDF.

• Functionality. PDFs offer more than just text. It’s easy to create a dynamic PDF file, incorporating graphic images, diagrams, hyperlinks and more.

• Consistency. A PDF will always look the same whether you’re on a mobile, computer or tablet device. The consistent format is useful for sharing files, ensuring everyone can access the same document.

• Compatibility. Once the ePub file is in PDF format, you can convert it to other formats or compress it to make it smaller for sending purposes. Need to turn it into a presentation? Convert to PPT to create a slideshow with ease.

Convert multiple file formats to PDF with Adobe Acrobat online services. Explore more online tools for creating and editing PDFs, ready to read and share today.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I convert ePub to PDF on my phone?

There are converters that you can use on your phone, either through apps or directly off the internet browser. It’s the same process as on a laptop, but on a smaller screen. The easiest thing to do is see if you can get it on your laptop and do it on a bigger screen, download it and then send it back to your phone or put in a file that both your laptop and phone can access.

Can I convert an ePub file to PDF on a Mac?

Yes, in the same way that you can do it on a laptop, it is also possible to do it with a Mac. There are online converters that allow you to do it easily and quickly so you can get your PDFs synced between your Apple devices and visible no matter where you are.

Can I open an ePub file as a PDF?

You will first need to convert the ePub file, using a secure online third-party file converter, to a PDF format. ePub files are separate filetypes from PDFs, so will require conversion to make them into a PDF file.