Make landscape photos more impressive with abstract photography

Show off your artistic sense and appreciation for the outdoors with abstract landscape photography.

Take your landscape photography beyond the technical level and recreate the complexities of landscapes in an impressive and striking way. Show the world a unique perspective by presenting your subject in abstract form.

Tips for taking great abstract photos

In landscape photography, composition and perspective are essential elements for capturing the splendour of the outdoors. Look around for different patterns, colours, shapes, and textures – they’re everywhere. Manipulating the amount of light falling on your subject or shooting from an entirely different angle can transform your landscapes into a compelling abstract masterpiece.

Try using a macro lens or experiment with different shutter speeds to record motion. Consider accenting certain aspects of the scene in an unusual way and making something totally new.

Experiment with post-processing techniques

Once you’ve captured your desired shots, use editing to add more abstract perspectives into your landscapes. Try adjusting the contrast and colour saturation settings to focus on the landscape elements you want to emphasize. Or, try combining two or more images to create something completely unique.

To get started, use your regular landscape photos to create abstract images. By seeing the stunning results created by photo-editing tools, you'll fall in love with abstract techniques and crave more when you take your next photo.

Get more out of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with these tips and tricks on editing and enhancing abstract landscape photos.