Head to the beach for stunning photo opportunities

The beach gives you an ever-changing landscape to capture amazing photos. Here are some beach photoshoot ideas to get you started.

We’re fortunate in Australia to be a coastal nation, and many of us naturally gravitate towards the beach. Right around the country, the beach provides some epic opportunities for creative photographers to capture landscape panoramas, commercial photoshoots or special moments with special people.

Capturing images at the beach

The beach is a living thing – your canvas changes by the minute, the hour and the day. The beach gives you the chance to capture something different every time you visit, with each one having its own special ‘golden hour’ where you can maximise colours and beauty.

Your location provides natural foreground elements to highlight, enhanced by the movement of water in the background. Your foreground could be sand, a rock formation, plants, buildings or shells – you’re limited only by your creative eye.

Depending on your subject, here are some points to consider before you head off on your next beach photoshoot.

Special family and friends' photoshoots

Beachside get togethers naturally provide memorable moments, whether touching family occasions or relaxed and carefree time with friends. These moments can be once in a lifetime, like kids experiencing a wave for the first time, so they’re perfect to capture in photos. Always have your camera at the ready to get those candid moments, like a dog chasing a ball into the ocean, someone drawing a message in the sand or lifelong friends reminiscing about days gone by.

Capture romantic moments

There is nothing like photographing an engagement, a wedding or pre-birth moment between a couple in a beachside setting. The right time of day (particularly sunset) gives you the perfect chance to highlight once in a lifetime moments.

In these especially poignant moments, if pre-planned, you’ll want to scout the location ahead of the photoshoot. Critical to the success of the photos will be a place somewhat secluded to minimise potential gawkers and photobombers who might spoil the moment.

Your aim is to have the special couple feel comfortable and the emotion of the moment to resonate through your photos.

Commercial photoshoots

With the active nature of Australians and our love for natural, healthy products, product photography by the beach can help drive the key messages of the brand to the target audience.

Activewear, sunscreen, drink products or healthy snacks positioned with a sunny, relaxed disposition are ideal to photograph in a beachside location.

Enhance your beach photos

Everything you need to take your beach photoshoot to the next level can be done with Adobe Lightroom. Capture, edit, enhance and then share your work from anywhere – on your desktop or mobile.