Stunning engagement photo ideas

Engagement photos are your chance to get to know the couple before their big day. Take inspiration from these engagement photoshoot ideas.

Engagement photos show the personality of a couple. They use storytelling to capture their playful side with hints of chemistry. Couples often use their engagement photos for wedding invitations, social media and newspaper announcements. Have fun with them.

Select a location with meaning

Find a location that’s part of the couple’s story. The café where they met, the dog park or in their living room. They’ll feel more relaxed in a location that’s familiar and holds good memories.

Ask them to list locations both inside and outdoors where they like to spend time together. What places are important to them? Consider the time of day and lighting for each site before you finalise the location list.

Be a storyteller

The location will help you tell the couple’s story. If the couple loves to cook together, use their kitchen as the backdrop. Bring together the props that add details, like cooking utensils and their favourite cookbook. Play with depth of field to highlight the unexpected.

For the adventure seekers, go beyond the standard outdoor photoshoot. Show their interests and ask them to grab their bikes, skis or hiking gear (don’t forget the dog).

Focus on the story’s details

The best part of engagement photos is that you get to know the couple. Use this to your advantage. If they enjoy the solitude of the outdoors, find a secluded spot. If they prefer the city vibe, include action in the background.

Save a few inspiration photos on your phone and show the couple what you're trying to capture. They’ll quickly become more relaxed.

Camera tips

Once you’ve decided on a location, consider your lens and focal length options. Not all engagement shots need to be portrait style photos. Remember, you’re telling a story, so grab your wide-angle lens and add more substance to the scene.

After the photoshoot, look for presets to enhance the images. With a photo editing program like Lightroom, you can customise presets so every shot has a consistent finish.

Find out how Lightroom and Photoshop can help you create stunning engagement photography.