Creative ideas to try in your next photoshoot

Rediscover your creative side and learn new techniques for your next session.

It’s easy to see an eye-catching image in a glossy magazine or while scrolling through social media and not stop to think about how much effort goes into creating something so effortless. Often the most difficult work comes before you even pick up the camera. Before you start your next photoshoot, take some time to plan what you’d like to create, so when you’re ready to start shooting, you can focus on bringing your concept to life.

Where to look for inspiration

Sometimes, creativity can be elusive and you can struggle to decide where to start. Ideas can be right in front of us if we take the time to look. Flick through a magazine, watch a TV show or scroll social media. Or step outside of the house and take a walk around the neighbourhood. When you look at what’s around you, you’ll start to see everyday objects in a different light. Pay attention to patterns, colours, textures and quirky compositions, and think about how to incorporate them into your projects.

Try some of these ideas for your next shoot

If you’re struggling to find inspiration, try some of these ideas to get started:

Once you have your image, bring it to life with some simple edits

With the wide range of powerful tools and techniques available in Lightroom, you can bring your images to life with ease. Explore the in-built presets, or develop a signature style and save your favourite edits as a preset of your own.

Explore Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and see where your creativity will take you.