Tips for romantic couple photoshoots

Help couples feel relaxed in front of the camera with these tips for capturing true romance.

Couples want a keepsake that shows their personality and captures their love. Photos are a great way to keep a feeling alive but capturing these moments takes practice. The more comfortable the couple feels around you, the better the photos will be.

Take time before the shoot and get to know them and what they want to reflect in the photos. Use these tips as a guide to plan the perfect romantic couple photoshoot.

Unscripted is key

Candid photography captures real-life moments – shots that are unplanned and unposed. When they forget the camera is there, couples will relax and interact more naturally. This is when you’ll get the best shots.

Go off the beaten path

Look for locations that inspire the couple. Leave the staged backdrops for another time and let the couple be free to interact in a more natural setting. A city street, strolling through the park or at the beach are good places to start.

Redirect the story

Look for artistic ways to show their connection. Experiment with telling a new story by reframing the shot. Change the viewers' attention from the couple’s eyes to something else, like the shadow of them holding hands or a silhouette.

Look for drama

Either through location or editing, create interest through drama. Windy, rainy or snowy days add suspense to a romantic scene. Either in-camera or through editing, adjusting photos to back and white is popular for a dramatic feel.

Add romance during editing

Presets and editing will enhance the mood you're after. Adjust colours to add vibrancy or tone them down for a more subtle look. Harden lines for an edgy statement or soften images to suit the scene. Creative cropping adds interest and editing software presets let you perfect your couple photography in batches.

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