Interesting texture photography ideas to experiment with

Find out more about texture photography and try out these photoshoot ideas to create visually appealing images.

What is texture?

Texture photography is defined by images that spotlight the visual surface details of an object— smoothness, roughness and granularity. Done well, the viewer gets the sense of what the object would feel like if they could touch it.

How texture can pique a viewer’s interest

Texture adds depth and vibrancy to otherwise one-dimensional images. Texture can be captured up close, like zooming in on the teeth of a zipper. Or from afar, like a landscape shot of drought-ridden land.

Macro photographyis the most popular avenue for photographers to experiment with texture. By zooming in on your subject, hidden details transform into larger-than-life elements that add interest.

To spotlight texture expertly, use a higher f-stop. This allows your camera to capture details crisply. A good f-stop to start with is f/6.

Using a tripod and a remote shutter release is important, as it helps avoid camera shake.

Where can you find texture to photograph?

You can find texture nearly anywhere. Even if you can’t travel to a texture-rich environment filled with ocean waves or dense pine needles, look closely around your home. Take a walk around your neighborhood to discover hidden textures.

The beach, the park, or the forest are a few obvious places teeming with texture to photograph, but urban areas are good sources too.

Texture photography ideas

Try these easy-to-find texture-rich subjects to get started:

Bring out texture with photo editing

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom presets help bring out the most from your texture shots.

Find out more about how you can edit photos with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.