Master macro photography with these camera settings for

Explore the fascinating world of macro photography and make stars of the smallest of subjects.

With everything on such a tiny scale, macro photography can be a challenging yet rewarding photography medium.

By using the right settings and making a few subtle edits, you can create magnified masterpieces and see the world a little differently.

Get your settings spot on

Preparation is key with macro photography and choosing the right settings will help you produce striking images.

Editing and adding the final touches

Macro photography can involve a little trial and error, but you can achieve spectacular results with a few simple edits.

Experiment with different crops, focusing on your subject to show off intricate detail or adding a sense of balance with off-centre placement.

Adjusting sharpness and texture can boost your shot, while a vignette or masking the background can add drama and interest.

The macro world can be surprisingly colourful. Seemingly dark insects can be transformed into vivid greens and metallic blues, with elaborate and iridescent patterns. Tweak the saturation and vibrancy to bring these flashes of colour to life.

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