Ludwig Favre

Starting his professional career just six years ago, Ludwig’s developed a distinctive style which embellishes reality. With a colour palette of soft pastels, he crafts dream-like imagery.

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Tobi Shinobi

From composition to final edit, Tobi found photography gave him control – the opposite of his day job as a lawyer. Now he’s built a career for himself, embracing the symmetry of architecture.

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Watch how Ludwig works.

Follow our step-by-step tutorials and learn how to transform your architecture imagery.

Play with perspective.

Discover the potential of the Geometry tool and rescue slanted photos with a few simple edits.

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Remove distractions.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small, you can use the Content-Aware and Stamp tools to make eyesores disappear.

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Upgrade your sky.

When the ideal scene doesn’t present itself on location, it’s super easy to fix it up later in Photoshop or Lightroom.

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Set the vibe.

With Lightroom, you can transform your photos on the go. Make powerful colour edits on your phone and intensify the mood.

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Try Ludwig’s free presets.

Ludwig relies on his custom presets to make effective edits, fast. Try them out for free and see what your images look like, in his style.

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Learn how to edit like Tobi.

Check out these short and simple tutorials and get to grips with some of Tobi’s favourite Lightroom tools.

Make wide-angle images captivating.

If like Tobi, you love a wide-angle lens, this tutorial will show you which features you’ll need to make your photos more dramatic.

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Elevate interiors.

See your interior imagery light up – try out Radial Gradients and make impactful edits to specific areas of your composition.

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Try Tobi’s free presets.

Tobi uses his own presets to quickly apply the same style to a series of photos. Now you can experiment with his custom presets.

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