How to add a second YouTube channel

Do you have more ideas you want to share on YouTube? Start a second (or third) channel using the same account.

In just five steps, you can have a new channel ready to add more video content. But why stop at two? Adding multiple channels lets you cater your messages to specific audiences. Align each channel with unique banding and attract more viewers.

How to add another channel

You can have up to 50 channels on the same YouTube account. Here are two ways to add more channels.

  1. Sign in to your YouTube (or Google) account
  2. Click your photo in the top right corner and select Settings
  3. Select Account
  4. Click Add or manage your channel(s)
  5. Click Create a Channel
  6. Enter a channel name
  7. Click Create

You can also get to the same page by going to and then:

  1. Clicking Create a Channel
  2. Entering a channel name
  3. Clicking Create

Attract new audiences

With multiple channels on the same account, you can customise each channel with unique branding and change your profile image in the channel settings. And it’s easy to switch between all your channels on the channel switcher page.

Having different channels means you can target unique audiences, use different branding and share content that doesn’t fit under your current channel. For example, if you’re a physio who works with adult athletes but want to share tips with kids, a separate YouTube channel will help you market to the new audience.

Edit your videos

Once you have created your new Youtube channel, edit your content with Adobe Premiere Pro. You can change the colours or graphics to reflect your new channel in post-editing. For faster content creation, Premiere Pro lets you upload your videos directly to the right YouTube channel.

Explore how you can use Premiere Pro to edit videos seamlessly for all your YouTube channels.