How to become a YouTube influencer

It takes more than luck to hit influencer status. What might look like an overnight success is the result of planning and effort.

If you’re serious about rising to the top of YouTube fame, it’s time to start planning. Start with these five essentials tips and see what you can achieve with your YouTube channel.

1. Develop an identity

What can you offer that no one else can? What twist can you add to a topic or discussion that’s different from others? If someone has a channel on the same topic you’re interested in, what can you do that’s uniquely you? Let your personality shine.

2. Create a content plan

Make a list of the type of videos you want to create. Define your target audience and brainstorm topics and video ideas.

Decide how often you’ll publish content to YouTube - once a week, once a fortnight or every day. It doesn’t matter how often, as long as you’re sharing content consistently. The most popular YouTube channels publish content on a regular basis. It helps keep fans coming back, knowing exactly when your latest video will land.

Grab a calendar and assign topics to weeks and months. Depending on the topic, you may decide to pre-record a batch of videos ahead of time or shoot and upload them on the same day.

It takes work to create regular content. You need to treat becoming an influencer as a job and give it the attention and dedication it requires.

3. Optimise your channel

Understanding how YouTube connects viewers with your content is important if you want the right audience to find you. Factors that influence how videos are recommended include watch history, appeal, engagement (watch time, comments), satisfaction (likes/dislikes and shares), topics, competition and seasonality. Your channel and videos will benefit from descriptions with carefully chosen keywords. Use keywords in these places:


Video title

Video description

YouTube will suggest viewers videos they’re likely to watch next, based on their previous activity. If you can, develop a series of videos, have a consistent title and thumbnail style, end with call-to-action to watch more and use playlists and end screens.

4. Engage with your audience

Social media is a two-way conversation. Viewers like to comment and ask questions. The more you engage with your audience, the more loyal they will be. Share your content on other social media platforms, respond to comments and get to know your audience.

5. Get the right equipment

For amazing videos, look to upgrade your equipment. Replace your phone with a DSLR camera, invest in a studio microphone and look for lighting options to suit your video location. You’ll notice a big difference in production quality with these upgrades. But even with the best equipment, every video needs to be edited.

The right editing software helps you transform raw footage into polished videos. Adobe Premiere Pro has everything you need for editing, from basic trimming and audio editing to adding animation and transitions.

Discover how Adobe Premiere Pro can help you achieve YouTube influencer success.