How to create a captivating YouTube trailer

Get viewers excited about your vlogs with a captivating trailer.

Every vlog needs a trailer to entice viewers to watch and subscribe. Like a blockbuster movie, a YouTube trailer gives your audience a sneak peek into what they can expect. It’s your chance to draw them in and share what your vlog is about.

Put your best foot forward and follow these tips to make a stellar first impression.

7 tips to creating a YouTube trailer

  1. Introduce_ _yourself

Like when you’re meeting someone for the first time, you should tell the viewers who you are, what your vlog is about and who your audience is.

  1. Grab their attention

The first 10 seconds are critical to capturing their attention. Create excitement and show your personality from the start.

  1. Keep it short

Your trailer should be less than a minute. Give viewers the highlights of what they’ll see in your videos and tell them why they should subscribe.

  1. Use visuals

Use text overlays and transitions to keep your trailer upbeat and captivating. Stay on-brand with colours and graphics to tie your trailer to your channel.

  1. Add a call to action

After all your hard work creating a trailer, you want the viewers to do more. If you want them to subscribe, ask them. Be direct with what they should do next.

  1. Edit your trailer

Bring your trailer to life with editing. Assemble footage, add visuals, adjust audio and create excitement. Editing is a must if you want to grab viewers’ attention.

  1. Upload content first

Before you upload your trailer, have a few videos ready to go on your channel. After viewers watch the trailer and you have their attention, offer more content.

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