How to create a video outro

Leave a lasting impression with a captivating outro. Learn how to create an outro that not only makes your audience remember you but excites them to subscribe for more.

An outro is a short video segment at the end of your video. It’s a concluding visual and a key element to an amazing video, designed to leave a lasting impression that reinforces your brand.

Let’s explore how to make an impressive outro for your videos. If you’re just beginning, you may want to read our article on how to start a Youtube channel first.

What’s included in an outro?

Match your outro to the style of your video. Keep the personality the same and use a similar outro format for all your videos. Consistency makes it easier for your audience to follow through your YouTube channel and easier for you to create.

When designing your outro clip, you may want to:

How long should it be?

Keep it short and straightforward. An outro can last longer than your intro since viewers have made it to the very end, but don’t get carried away. Under 8 seconds is a good rule of thumb.

Stay on brand

Any elements used in your video introduction should be used in the outro. Keep colours, fonts and animation consistent.

For business videos, your outro can be a video segment that promotes your products or services and is used across all videos.

And remember, you don’t need to create a new outro for every video.

Where does the outro go?

The outro goes at the end of your video. If you like to include outtakes or bloopers in your content, add the outro before the outtakes.

Tools to create a video outro

For simple outros, you can create end screens with cards in the YouTube studio. You’ll also find inexpensive tools online with outro templates you can follow. For a customised outro, learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro where the creative options are endless.