How to start a personal YouTube channel

Be the star of your own YouTube channel and get started with these handy tips.

YouTube is an easy platform to showcase your talents, ideas and knowledge. You can share content with the world or privately with your friends and family.

Follow these easy steps and start publishing content on a personal channel.

Define your purpose

What type of content do you want to create, and who’s your audience? The key to producing successful content on YouTube is to connect your ideas with an interested audience. Once you know your purpose, the audience will follow.

Develop your style

A consistent video style not only helps you create content faster, it also helps your audience consume what you share. Observe other YouTubers and make a note of how they format their content. List the different elements and techniques you like:

Intro and outro techniques

Video length

Presentation style


Camera angles

Prepare your equipment

You don’t need fancy equipment to start a YouTube channel. A smartphone or webcam is the first step. Ample lighting and good sound are the next considerations. If you’re shooting indoors and don’t have natural light, a simple ring light will soften harsh shadows and give your skin a healthy glow.

Sound quality is important on YouTube. A lapel mic attached to your phone or a microphone on your desk will smooth out background noise and make it easier for your audience to understand you.

Edit your content

Don’t worry about mistakes and filler words. You can use simple in-phone editing software to delete unwanted footage.

For smooth transitions and more editing features, Adobe Premier Pro will help you create a polished video. It only takes a few minutes to cut and trim footage, enhance audio and add transitions and text.

Get ready to create a personal YouTube channel and publish quality content. The possibilities are endless with Premiere Pro.