Fresh content ideas for fashion YouTubers

Your fashion videos should mirror your fashion sense – on-trend and ready to impress.

If you’re not feeling a bit daggy, don’t worry. Every creative finds themself in a content slump. When it’s hard to get the creative juices flowing again, look for inspiration and try something new.

Just like fashion, your YouTube channel needs to be smart and in vogue.

When video production has slowed and you need a pick-me-up, try these ideas and get ready to create more content.

Inspiration for your fashion channel

Follow the seasons

Use the seasons to help you find things to talk about. Offer monthly makeup tips. Share outfit ideas for holiday parties from the big events to private affairs like weddings, graduations and fancy-dress birthdays.

Red carpet inspired

Whatever attracts us to watch celebrities strut down a red carpet certainly can be recreated on your channel. What outfits works and why? And how can the not-so-famous get a similar look?

Fashion disasters

Ask your audience to share their fashion disasters. Offer advice for on-the-spot solutions and tips for preventing future mishaps.

Wardrobe tour

Take your audience behind the scenes and show them your fashion favourites. Share how to mix and match and where to buy everyday essentials for special occasion pieces.

Trash to treasure

Save an unloved item from hitting the bin and help give makeup and apparel a second chance. A quick alternation or layering can give the old a new look.

Dig up the past

Find a fashion trend from days gone by and modernise it. It’s true that history repeats itself, especially in fashion.

Theme days

Use your favourite movie, book or song as inspiration for a dress-up episode. Better yet, let your audience suggest ideas to get them excited to tune in.

Get a new look through editing

Another way to spice up your channel is through new editing techniques. Full-featured editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro are packed with all the creative editing tools you could dream of to freshen up old content. Upgrade your transitions, sound effects and graphics to match your fashion brand.

See how editing with Premiere Pro can help keep your videos fashionable and trending.