Unlock amazing experiences with
Adobe Experience Platform.

This is where it all comes together—data, content, intelligent services, and an open ecosystem. It's where you enhance customer experiences, deliver real-time personalization, and take action on data. We call it an experience system of record, and it's how you become an experience business.

Unlock amazing experiences with Adobe Experience Platform.

Center on your customers with your experience system of record.

Your enterprise conversations need to revolve around audiences, campaigns, journeys, and lifetime value. Having a common vocabulary about experience is what breaks down silos and helps us put the consumer first. This is where the experience system of record comes in.


You need a data pipeline that centralizes all the data rushing toward you. A pipeline that creates a unified profile that balances knowing your customer and respecting their privacy. And with semantics and control, you get a common language across your systems so you can understand your customers better.
Unified Profile
It's easy to call a small data set a profile. But with the power of machine learning, you can enrich it, augment it, and use all the data to make it a true unified profile. This lets you start taking action on your data by pairing it with content and serving custom experiences to your ideal audiences.
Data is only half of the story. You need to capitalize on data with content. And with the right system, you can quickly and efficiently onboard content. An efficient content workflow helps accelerate the content pipeline. And machine learning plays a huge role in effective content workflows with auto-tagging, cropping, and image recognition.

Meet Adobe Experience Platform Auditor.

Auditor is the newest addition to the Adobe Experience Platform. It helps customers understand the health of their Adobe implementations and gives recommendations on how to improve them. That way, customers gain the most value from their Adobe investment.

Adobe Experience Platform Launch is now available to all customers.

Adobe Experience Platform Launch unifies the data and technology on your website. It simplifies tag management, drives automation with APIs, and lets partners build integrations for marketers to use and enjoy. And best of all, it’s available to all Adobe customers.

Intelligence everywhere with Adobe Sensei.

Adobe Sensei is the AI and machine learning framework in Adobe Experience Platform. Adobe Sensei helps you handle time-consuming and repetitive tasks, identify what you need in seconds instead of hours, and deliver personalized experiences in real time.

With Adobe I/O, developers make work flow.

We’ve launched new enhancements to Adobe I/O, our cross-cloud developer portal.
Adobe I/O Events
Developers now have access to Adobe I/O Events and even more Experience Cloud APIs to integrate with, extend, and build custom applications with Adobe technology.
Adobe I/O Runtime
With the beta release of Adobe I/O Runtime, developers can code in a serverless environment and tap into Adobe Sensei’s AI and machine learning capabilities to create powerful automated workflows and experiences.
Observe Point
TMM Data
Decibel Insight

Get more value from Adobe Experience Cloud with Adobe Exchange.

With over 500 Adobe partners and applications, Adobe’s technology and data partner ecosystem helps you innovate and get more value out of your Adobe investments. Extend Adobe Experience Cloud functionality with applications from our Exchange partners, including phone call attribution, commerce, 3rd-party data and modeling, and more.