Adobe Symposium Online | The Digital Experiences Conference | Sydney, Australia

Adobe Symposium Online


Trending Topics + Emerging channels in Advertising
Jeremy Pell, Adobe
Ash Cooper, Adobe
Nick McLachlan, Adobe Asia Pacific
Annalise Booker, CUB
Keith Eadie, Adobe
Juliette Stead, APAC Telaria
Kathy Damatopoulos, Suncorp

The advertising technology industry is rapidly changing as is the technology that powers it.
Data-Driven Advertising: A Single Source of Truth Session
Phillip Cowlishaw, Adobe
Mark Dawson, Allianz Australia
Gemma Anderson, Deakin University

Learn how Adobe’s integration between analytics, media, and third-party partners can accelerate your advertising insights.
The Art and Science of Personalised Ad Experiences
Phillip Cowlishaw, Adobe
Justin Merickel, Adobe
Matt Bruce, Adobe
Edward Brooks, South Australian Tourism Commision
Hannah Carse, Adobe
Pippa Chambers, AdNews
Peter Pynta, Neuro-Insight Pty Ltd

Adobe’s vision for collaborative tools to empower creative and marketing teams to deliver engaging customer experiences.
Meaningless Media Metrics and the Changing Agency Model
Murray Howe, Adobe Asia Pacific
Michaela Aguilar, Havas Helia
Simon Van Wyk, Author and former agency owner
Karen Chapple, Ticketek at TEG Pty Ltd
Mark Dawson, Allianz Australia
Laura Snyder, LS Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Learn how agencies we need to adapt their measuring model for what your end goal really is.
Don't Give Away the Gold: The Benefits of Owning Your Data-Driven Advertising?
Sam Smith, Adobe
Greg Collison, Adobe
Melissa Librandi, Discovery Parks
Phillip Colishaw, Adobe
Ben Kidney, Clemenger BBDO
Rose Herceg, WPP AUNZ
Clare Smith, Village Roadshow

Hear how brand marketing executives have embarked on their data journey, how they navigated external challenges and overcame internal obstacles.