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Adobe Symposium Online

Content & Experience

Using Machine Learning to Enhance Your Content Workflows
Amy Robson, Adobe
Adam Crane, Dell
Glen Lawson, Adobe

Leveraging artificial intelligence so that you can focus on the metadata that really matters.
Extending the Digital Customer Journey to the Physical World
Mark Szulc, Adobe Asia Pacific
Peter Buckmaster, NSW Department of Education

Listen to the Department of Education on how they are creating a great student experience beyond the classroom.
The 8 Doors to Transformation
Hiro Awanohara, Adobe
Michael Buckley, Accenture Interactive Australia and New Zealand
Bronwyn Van Der Merwe, Fjord
Kevin Stafford, Rugby Australia
Nikita Atkins, Accenture Applied Intelligence
Experience Led Digital Transformation
Siva Ganeshanandan, Adobe Asia Pacific
Erik Hallander, Isobar
Nandor Locher, Qantas
Adam Spencer, Comedian and Author
David Hirsch, BUPA Australia & New Zealand
Angelo Kourtis, Western Sydney University
Jennifer Galloway, Charles Sturt University

Understanding of how businesses are delivering value by harnessing the power of an integrated Adobe Experience Cloud.
Content Marketing at Scale: How you can alleviate big pain points in UGC
Jules Lund, TRIBE
Lara Thom, Guzman y Gomez

Deliver the right content at the right time, increasing conversions, improving efficiencies, and reducing the burden of relentless content creation.
Experience Architecture: Exploring the Building Blocks & Personalisation Strategy
Mark Szulc, Adobe Asia Pacific
Drew Ascough, Virgin Australia Group
Adriana Porter, Virgin Australia Group
Simon Harries, Virgin Australia Group
Jonathan Steel, Virgin Australia Group
Andrew Clarke, Adobe

Explore a modern paradigm for content strategy with emphasis on one of the most misunderstood areas: content architecture.
Experience All Stars - Lightening Talks From The Best of the Best AEM / Target Customers
Amy Robson, Adobe
Scott King, Accordant
Tessa O'Rorke, Westpac NZ
Callum Tod, HESTA
Greg May, Adobe
Andrew Clarke, Adobe

Get introduced to the variables that the content physics engine balances to produce optimal layouts and the algorithm that powers these features.
Fluid Experiences for Mobile Journeys
Mark Szulc, Adobe Asia Pacific
Greg Moore, Adobe
Eric Stein, Branch
Arun Bhattacharya, Adobe
Shahrooz Chowdhury, Guzman y Gomez
Matthew Peters, NAB

Learn to seamlessly deliver consistent experiences across all the channels in the context of the customer journey.
REA Group - Striving for 100% Customer Digital Experience with Adobe Sign and Adobe Analytics
Scott Rigby, Adobe Asia Pacific
Norm Duce, REA Group

Learn how REA Group diversify their real estate business with the potential of reaching millions using Adobe Sign and Adobe Analytics.
Adobe Experience Manager - Top 5 Common Pitfalls to avoid
Chadwick Cheng, Adobe
Zoran Nikolovski, Adobe
Aswinkumar Loganathan, Adobe
Richard Moulding, Suncorp

Learn the best practices to follow to sidestep common outage scenarios with your Adobe Experience Manager implementation.