Adobe Symposium Online | The Digital Experiences Conference | Sydney, Australia

Adobe Symposium Online


What the rise of the Chinese digital economy means for Australia
Scott Rigby, Adobe Asia Pacific
Dave Rumsey, ASAP+
John MacKenney, Adobe

Find out what it all means for business and get a Western brand’s approach to selling in China.
Emerging tech bringing online & offline customer experiences together
Scott Rigby, Adobe Asia Pacific
Leon Condon, Engagis
Ben Moir, Snepo Research 
Claire Evans, Grumpy Sailor

Hear about the technologies around the corner and what’s already on our doorstep, ready to be implemented in your organisation.
Future-ready or Fail: Building an innovative organisational culture
Murray Howe, Adobe Asia Pacific
Amanda Third, Western Sydney University
Kate Cooper, Westpac NEXT
Alessio Bresciani, Australia Post
Lee Denham, Australia Post

Learn all about failing safely and how startups within businesses are making it work.
Survival as a business: cannibalising your own business model
Murray Howe, Adobe Asia Pacific
Simon Cant, Reinventure
Nadia Cameron, IDG Communications
Rocky Scopelliti, Optus
Rachna Gandhi, Suncorp Group

Hear real examples of businesses out in the wild who are disrupting themselves to survive and thrive.