Mobile analytics

Mobile analytics reveal mobile consumer behaviours that provide the data-driven insights you need to create engaging mobile experiences and generate more revenue from your mobile apps.

Data Analytics

More devices. More challenges to success.


Baking mobile data into your digital analytics strategy can reveal multiple technology challenges.
Inability to manage data at scale.
Inability to manage data at scale.
Difficulty tracking across devices.
Difficulty tracking across devices.
Lack of unified customer view across channels.
Lack of unified customer view across channels.
Siloed mobile web and app data.
Siloed mobile web and app data.


Rise above the challenges to experience all the benefits mobile analytics delivers.


With technology challenges out of the way, you can focus on using your mobile analytics data to improve digital marketing results.


Better cross-channel & cross-device experiences.
Better cross-channel & cross-device experiences.
Mobile and web analytics intersect to provide a more meaningful profile of your customers, which allows you to create and deliver seamless experiences across channels and devices. 
Reduce churn and improve retention.
Reduce churn and improve retention.
Mobile analytics can reveal fallout rates, anomalies, conversions and more to help lower app abandonment, nurture re-engagement and lift retention.
Sharper targeting and personalisation.
Sharper targeting and personalisation.
With insights about mobile web, mobile app and device usage, you can improve messaging, content, experiences and more to every device your customers use to interact with your brand.
Discover app monetisation opportunities.
Discover app monetisation opportunities.
By analysing mobile app acquisition and retention, you can find opportunities to monetise apps through in-app purchases, paid subscriptions and more, driving higher revenues and greater ROI from your mobile initiatives.
Mobile Analytics
Adobe can help.
Adobe Analytics informs your mobile initiatives with customer intelligence that helps optimise and monetise mobile-first opportunities, creates a 360-degree view of your customers and allows you to deliver rewarding mobile experiences.



Mobile first isn't just a strategy. It's a way of life.


See how our customers put the insights they gain from Adobe Analytics into real-world action.
Ottokar Rosenberger, CMO, Hostelworld Group


“Adobe Analytics is the backbone for what we do. Where it really comes into its own is allowing us to view detailed conversions and funnel tracking improvement.”
— Ottokar Rosenberger,
CMO, Hostelworld Group
Trisha Kunst Martinez, Manager of Digital Marketing Operations, Ford Motor Company
“Adobe Analytics is a tool to answer critical business questions. Once you answer those questions, you can formulate the right strategy.”
— Trisha Kunst Martinez,
Manager of Digital Marketing Operations, Ford Motor Company


Mobile Analytics FAQ.

Do I have to settle for a web analytics solution and a separate mobile analytics tool?
Not necessarily. Adobe Analytics, for example, integrates mobile and web data into a single interface, so you can view customer behaviours no matter which devices they are using.
Can I track user acquisition with mobile analytics?
Yes. Using Adobe Analytics, you can create and measure acquisition metrics such as revenue, launches and users. At a deeper level, you can report on acquisition and re-engagement campaigns using attribution and deep linking capabilities.
Can I automatically optimise mobile experiences based on mobile data?
Yes. Adobe Analytics has deep integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud solutions that enable you to respond to mobile data — along with web and off-line data — by automating optimisation of mobile web and app experiences.
Why is cohort analysis important to improving retention rates?
Cohort analysis can show how users as a group interact with your mobile apps. By measuring cohorts by acquisition date or behaviour, for example, you can start to understand why they leave and take action to increase retention.
How do I use mobile analytics to reduce app churn?
Analytics can reveal critical issues with app functionality, especially following updates, that lead to high churn rates. By using real-time mobile analytics, you can quickly spot a problem and repair the issue.
We don't have an army of developers, so how do I quickly get the views I want without coding?
Adobe Analytics provides quick and easy report-building capabilities using drag and drop simplicity. This allows you to combine metrics to give you the view you need without creating miles of code.

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