Bank on simplicity for digital enrollment.

Bank on simplicity for digital enrollment.
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You’re responsible for digital enrolment or onboarding. Your customers may start the process on one device, switch to another and then complete their application wherever they are. You’d like to replace paper-based processes that are prone to errors and lack security with completely digital forms.  And you want to know more about your customers — who they are and what they’re doing — so you can deliver personalised communications and offers that increase conversion and build loyalty.


Build consistent mobile experiences yourself.

Adobe can help


If your customers aren’t getting a seamless experience across mobile, web and other channels, you’re probably losing them. Or they may choose more costly in-person visits. So you need to quickly build content that’s consistent for all screens and devices across the entire enrolment process — without depending on IT.


Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe can help.
 With Adobe Experience Manager, you can easily create the same engaging customer experience whether on mobile, tablet or desktop. And you can do it just once — without writing code. Using the same content, Experience Manager creates sites and pages that automatically adjust for all devices. Customers can start a transaction on a smartphone, continue on a desktop and then complete it on a tablet — picking up right where they left off.


Make your forms fast and fabulous.

Adobe can help


Forms are an essential part of any enrolment process. You need to speed up the time it takes to complete, route and approve them. And you want to reduce manual data entry errors. You’d like to create digital forms that include legally binding electronic signatures, so your customers don’t have to deal with the hassles of printing, mailing or faxing. Plus it all has to be secure.


Adobe Experience Manager & Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe can help.
 Experience Manager helps you to make forms paperless, efficient and even automated — on any device. Simplify the form-filling process to speed up turnaround times. Author one form that automatically adjusts for all devices. Reduce data entry errors by prefilling forms. Cut out faxing and postage with electronic signatures that are legal and secure. And control who has access to your forms.



Take aim for real-time insights.

Adobe can help


You’d like to find out if your enrolment applications are working for customers or if they need fine-tuning. And which customers are interacting at each step in the process, so you can identify drop-off points. It’s all about improving your customer experiences, increasing conversions and building brand loyalty.



Adobe Target & Adobe Analytics

Adobe can help. With Adobe Target, it’s easy to test two versions of an application to find out which one performs the best. Deliver personalised content based on real-time data to increase your conversions while reducing your workload. And with Adobe Analytics, get real-time insights into where customers drop off, so you can re-engage them with reminders or new offers.


Get personal, automatically.

Adobe can help


Another challenge is to streamline your data and connect email with online and off-line channels. You’d like to deliver automated email campaigns triggered by an action — like abandoning an enrolment application. Then you can map your customers’ journey as they move from prospect to purchaser.



Adobe Campaign

Adobe can help. With Adobe Campaign, you can deliver personal experiences across all your channels. Segment and target your customers. Combine data from online and off-line sources into a single customer profile. Even manage data segments to deliver automated and triggered email campaigns. And monitor the performance of all your cross-channel campaigns in one place.


All you need to make digital enrolment go smoothly.

Why Adobe?


Today’s consumers want a streamlined digital enrolment process they can start and complete on any device. Delivering the best enrolment experience requires the right combination of data, insights and content.


Why Adobe.

Adobe Experience Cloud gives you all the tools you need to deliver relevant, personalised enrolment experiences. Create easy-to-complete forms for desktops, tablets and mobile in one location — without coding. Easily add legally compliant electronic signatures to form workflows thanks to integration with Adobe Document Cloud.

Use digital forms to rock enrolment.

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