Educational institution eligibility

"Educational Establishment" means:
• Educational Institution
• Administrative Authorities of Educational Institutions
• Education Organizations
• Hospitals
• Private Corporations
• Higher Education Research Institutes/Laboratories
• Named educational or public establishments which support education for students as part of their core mission and which are approved by Adobe'€™s Legal Department in writing, PROVIDED THAT such named educational or public establishment may purchase education licenses only for their education operations.
Unqualified institutions
(1) Tuition centres, and schools that grant certificates or provide courses on computer training, tuition on school subjects, language, arts, music classes, or other subjects or topics, where such entities or certification are not recognized and acknowledged as the Territory's mainstream education progression;
(2) Commercial training centres, skills centres, review centres and enrichment centres that are not otherwise Educational Institutions;
(3) Alumni organizations of Education Institutions;
(4) Hospitals not wholly owned and operated by an Educational Institution or Education Trusts;
(5) Churches, mosques, temples or religious orgranizations that are not otherwise Educational Institutions;
(6) Military schools that do not grant academic degrees.