This software is not safe and may be disabled.

We understand learning you have non-genuine software can be frustating and inconvenient to unsuspecting purchasers.
Thats's why Adobe provides a 40 day grace period, support services, and discount programs for genuine replacement software.
If you have any questions about this issue or need help resolving it, we encourage you to contact Adobe today.

Continuing to use non-genuine software is against Adobe's Terms of Use and is considered illegal.
We give customers a 40 day grace period in order to resolve this issue before we are obligated to disable non-genuine software.

Don't procrastinate. Resolve this issue today:  


We understand this issue impacts a lot of unsuspecting customers. That's why Adobe gives you 40
days to replace your software, and offers our lowest prices to victims of software fraud like you.

Uninstall any non-genuine Adobe software.
Replace by purchasing genuine Adobe software.  

We encourage you to please contact us.

If you have any questions or need help resolving this issue, please do not hesitate to reach out to Adobe Genuine Customer Support:

1800 875 573    |    Your ID: Loading...




Still not sure how you ended up with non-genuine software ?

Software pirates and fraudulent resellers are skilled at making it difficult for customers to tell the difference between genuine and non-genuine software.

Here's what could have happened:



The software was purchased from an unauthorized online marketplace, such as eBay or Amazon, offering a discounted or prepaid license.  

The software was purchased and downloaded from a fraudster with an "activation code" from Adobe.

The software packaging appears credible but contains non-genuine software discs.  

Beware of the risks of continuing to use non-genuine software.

Even if your software seems genuine, its risks often go unnoticed until they are a problem.


Malicious code collect your private data like passwords and internet history.  

Software bugs can corrupt and destroy your files.

Keyloggers record actions like logging into your email account and credit card info.  
Here's some answers to the most commonly asked questions.  

What is non-genuine software?
Non-genuine software is software that is not legally licensed, has been modified or hacked, uses keys or accounts that are known to have been stolen, and/or is not in line with the Licensing Terms of Use.

How do people end up with non-genuine software?
Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for well-intentioned customers to be duped into buying non-genuine or counterfeit software. When searching for a deal, many people intentionally or inadvertently purchase from non-authorized discount outlets and websites.
Even if you were able to create an AdobeID and receive software updates, licenses can later be found to be non-genuine.

Why are you messaging me now?
As a user of this software, you will need to resolve this issue on your own or contact Adobe Customer Support. This notification isn’t meant to punish well-intentioned users who purchased software in good faith. It is to inform you of a serious issue and offer an easy path to resolving it.

What will happen if I don't fix this issue?
Our primary goal is to protect our customers. We understand this issue may be unexpected and frustrating to customers who unknowingly purchased non-genuine software. You will receive notifications from Adobe for 40 days. After that time, we will, unfortunately, be obligated to disable this software.

What are the risks of continuing to use this software?
Even if your software seems genuine, the risks may go unnoticed.
•    Software bugs can corrupt and destroy your files.
•    Malicious code can collect your private data such as passwords and internet history.
•    Keyloggers can record keystrokes and actions like logging into your email account and credit card information.



Still have questions? We understand and strongly encourage you to contact Adobe Genuine Customer Support.


Want to talk to a human? Call us.  1800 875 573

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What is the Adobe Genuine Software lntegrity Service?

This service is part of the Adobe Genuine lnitiative.
Our goal is to inform, protect and help individuals like you who have unknowingly purchased non-genuine Adobe software. Our intent is not to punish innocent users, we're simply reaching out to provide helpful information and flexible, secure solutions.