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Delivering the right customer experience is critical to the growth of your business. Make Adobe Experience Manager part of your success story.

Adobe Experience Manager
Reasons to choose Adobe Experience Manager over Sitecore:
Solution for organisations of ALL sizes


Solution for organisations of all sizes
Regardless of size, organisations compete for attention from the same customers. Adobe Experience Manager is geared towards both mid-market and enterprise requirements, and enables you to scale into more advanced capabilities your business grows. Sitecore might meet the needs of your business now, but ambitious marketers are setting up for success with Adobe.
Sitecore vs Adobe
Best of breed


Best of breed
Sitecore is a strong contender in analyst reports for content management and marketing hubs. Adobe is positioned as a leader in customer experience categories, across various independent analyst reports. There is no other provider in market that can deliver the capabilities offered by Adobe today, within a fully integrated solution.
Sitecore vs Adobe


Speed to market


Faster Speed To Market
Organisations can rely on Adobe’s expertise managing the most complex and mission-critical deployments all over the world including hosting and management stages of the campaign lifecycle. This means marketers can engage customers in minimal time, drive market share, and increase their focus on innovative marketing campaigns while alleviating the burden on IT.
Sitecore vs Adobe
Total cost of ownership


Efficient Total Cost of Ownership
It is critical to look beyond initial licensing fees and account for ongoing costs, including subscriptions, implementation and personnel. Sitecore does not provide hosting or managed services which businesses should account for when considering TCO. Adobe has pricing geared towards mid-market to enterprise which covers all aspects of setting up and delivering full scale personalisation.
Sitecore vs Adobe


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