Audience Segmentation

Use multidimensional targeting to create segments based on virtually any variable in a customer profile. Define and save these audiences in Adobe Campaign for use in multi-step, cross-channel programmes or to share with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

Campaign serendipity — the right person, in the right place, with the right message.

The right targeting can help you to avoid sending the wrong message to the wrong customer and wasting valuable marketing dollars. Understanding who your customers are — their interests, demographics and channel preferences — is key to creating personalised experiences that get results.

Audience segmentation lets you focus every campaign by using integrated customer profiles and customised segments. For example, you can segment based on a type of car, but only send your message to the primary vehicle driver. Or, create a campaign based on household types, but send your message to a specific person in that household. You can use any data you have available to create a targeted segment for a campaign. Once you’ve defined these audience segments, you can use them in cross-channel programmes in Campaign or export them to use in other Experience Cloud solutions.


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Visual segmentation tools
A single visual environment brings together channel workflows and targeted segmentation, allowing you to guide customers through their unique journey.

Integrated customer profiles
Richer customer profiles make segmentation and reporting easier. Connect multiple data sources with Campaign to produce more accurate and accessible segmentations.

Dynamic list selection
Automatically enrol or remove contacts from each segment based on behaviour and eligibility without having to manually update each list.


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Customer profiles

Take advantage of customer profiles to extend or enrich your campaign data by adding new attributes or tables to existing records.

Federated data access

Use data where it resides instead of setting up data migration processes. This way, your data is always up to date for faster campaign execution, and convenient for you to access.

Data Connectors

Data connectors enable you to integrate big data sources, such as CRM, e-commerce platforms, or point of sale systems.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can do for your business.