Everything you need for apps. And then some.

Adobe Digital Publishing Solution features all you need to create, distribute, monetize and optimize engaging app experiences.



Ready. Set. Engage.

Create content-rich experiences audiences enjoy on every device.

Create high-impact content.
Set your ideas in motion with engaging slide shows, audio, video, scrolling, 360-degree rotation, pan and zoom, hyperlinks and HTML5 animation.
Take control and customize.
You now have finer control of app layouts and can create completely customized and intuitive brand experiences for all your audiences.
Be seen and be heard.
Connect with audiences through relevant content, push notifications, in-app messages, easy content discovery and social sharing.


Features so flexible, they stretch limits.

Use familiar tools to achieve extraordinary results.
Build it yourself. No coding needed.


Use the tools you know and love in Adobe Creative Cloud to create a pixel-perfect app experience or HTML files for responsive layouts — all without the help of developers.
Keep it fresh and relevant.


Easily manage content from Adobe Experience Manager to deliver new content as often as you like and keep customers coming back for more.
Work and play well with others.


Use HTML design tools or content management systems like Drupal and WordPress to make your content delivery seamless and simple.



Prove your mobile strategy is on the money.

Know exactly how your app is performing and your audience is engaging, thanks to deep integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Easily gain insights.

Learn from readers’ behavior, whether they are online or offline. Retention analyses, marketing funnel conversion rates and tracking of app traffic are all at your fingertips.

Look deeper.

Built-in analytics automatically show what’s working and what’s not, so you can refine content and get insight into ROI.

Build revenue.

Offer selling options for every business model, such as allowing for the purchase of products or premium content in your app.



Beauty, brains and business muscle.

A built-for-business platform, backed by Adobe.

Take charge.

Create and manage apps for internal and external audiences. Publish them privately or publicly. And easily make changes without resubmitting to app stores.

Make it a team effort.

Allow team members and agencies to contribute content. Then easily search and sort, so you can control how and when it’s published.

Keep your customers first.

Rest easy knowing Digital Publishing Solution integrates seamlessly with authentication systems to target content to audiences.