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Create illustration and layout for print and web

Use FreeHand MX for creative design, storyboarding, document production, and editing with an unparalleled set of creative design tools. Easily repurpose your designs for print, the Internet, or Adobe Flash.

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Adobe and the Future of FreeHand

No updates to FreeHand have been made for over four years, and Adobe has no plans to initiate development to add new features or to support Intel-based Macs and Windows Vista. Note: Freehand does not work with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

To support customer workflows, we will continue to sell FreeHand and offer technical and customer support in accordance with our policies.

While we recognize FreeHand has a loyal customer base, we encourage users to migrate to the new Adobe Illustrator CS5 which supports both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs and Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Illustrator CS5 offers powerful new features, including functionality designed to appeal to FreeHand users such as tight integration with Adobe Flash CS5 Professional, sophisticated color controls, an intuitive Eraser tool, easier Path editing, and more responsive performance.

FreeHand MX Top Features

Multiple Attributes

Apply unlimited stroke, fill, and effect attributes to a single vector or text object.

Action Tool

Drag and drop complex Macromedia Flash actions between objects, symbols, and pages.

Connector Lines Tool

Quickly map information architecture, data flows, and site maps.

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Multiple Attributes


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