FreeHand MX At a Glance

The creative design solution for print, Internet, and Macromedia Flash

Realize your creative vision with an unparalleled set of creative design tools. Only FreeHand MX has everything you need to move seamlessly from concept through design, production, and publishing in a streamlined graphics environment??all while working with a single document. Use FreeHand MX for storyboarding, creative design, multipage document production, and editing. Whether you're designing for print, the Internet, or Macromedia Flash, you can repurpose your FreeHand MX projects across multiple mediums quickly and efficiently.


Quickly concept, design, and publish print, Internet, and Macromedia Flash projects. FreeHand MX provides a streamlined, easy-to-learn graphics environment for designing illustrations, organizing information, laying out storyboards, and developing click-through presentations.

Enhance productivity with a highly customizable workspace. The Object panel eliminates the need to move between multiple panels to inspect and change object, text, and style properties. Tools panel organization and streamlined workflow make FreeHand MX easy to learn and use.

Quickly organize and map navigation, content, components, and data flows. Drag and drop to build persistent relationships between objects??while providing complete editability of stroke styles??with the Connector Lines tool. Achieve maximum editability and reduce production and revision times using master pages and backgrounds, Symbol libraries of data types and navigation components, and the graphics-based Find & Replace panel.

Produce immersive presentations and click-throughs for proof-of-concept and client approval. Drag and drop interactivity between objects and pages with the Action tool. Assign ActionScript commands in the easy-to-use Navigation panel. Quickly publish to SWF for easy distribution.


Rapidly create and edit visually rich designs and illustrations that provide maximum impact. FreeHand MX includes a powerful and flexible set of vector-based tools for designing print layouts, Macromedia Flash animations, or application interfaces.

Layer complex visual appearances on individual vector objects. With multiple attributes you can apply and organize an unlimited number of strokes, fills, and effects on a single object, from a single panel??eliminating the need to keep up with and edit multiple copies of an object for the same visual appearance.

Easily build rich graphical components for ads, interface objects, and attention-grabbing headlines. Apply such path manipulation effects as bend and transform while maintaining editability of the original shape with live vector effects. Provide high-resolution, realistic appearances??such as drop shadow and bevel??with raster live effects. Create 3D appearances with the Extrude tool.

Quickly reshape graphic primitives while maintaining editability. Round rectangle corners, turn ovals into arcs, and change the number of points on stars??all within the workspace.


Design, lay out, and animate Macromedia Flash movies in a familiar design environment. Place existing SWF components and applications directly into your FreeHand MX layouts, maintaining complex ActionScript programming. Drag and drop advanced ActionScript commands for navigation, printing, or interaction with external SWF movies. Animate blends and assign persistent background elements in a familiar multipage layout metaphor.

Easily preview and export optimized SWF movies. Preview SWF movies in the design environment using the built-in SWF Controller. Set up SWF export with the redesigned, easier-to-understand Movie Settings button. Export SWF movies that are smartly optimized for minimum file size using automatic symbol assignments and the latest Macromedia Flash compression.