Adobe JRun 4

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Speed the delivery of J2EE applications with an affordable and reliable server

With Adobe JRun 4, you can dramatically reduce the cost of your J2EE infrastructure. JRun 4 delivers commercial grade quality at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.


JRun product development update

After careful consideration and analysis of both the server marketplace and customer feedback, Adobe plans to discontinue new feature development for JRun effective 31st March 2013, the fast, affordable and reliable J2EE compatible application server. Adobe also plans to discontinue selling JRun. For details Read the FAQ.

Updater available

November 6, 2007 - Adobe JRun 4 Updater 7 contains support for JRun 4 installations on new platforms, upgrades to supporting software components and critical bugs and security fixes. This latest version of the Updater includes all fixes from prior JRun 4 updater releases.

Inside JRun 4

Certified J2EE Compatible

One of the first application servers to be certified J2EE 1.3 compatible, demonstrating the Macromedia commitment to J2EE.

Superior Performance and Reliability

Optimized for performance, JRun is recognized as the fastest web container in the application server market.

Java Compatible Enterprise Edition

JRun 4 is J2EE 1.3 Compatible

JRun 4 Highlights

JRun Wins 2003 Codie Award

In May, JRun was cited by SIIA as Best Web Services/Enterprise Application Integration Solution.

JRun for Apple Mac OS

Learn about the JRun 4 and Apple Xserve solution.

JRun Technical White Papers

Details and strategies for managers and J2EE developers.

Renewed License with Sun Microsystems

JRun recently renewed its J2EE licensing agreement with Sun Microsystems.

JRun J2EE Compatibility

JRun 4 features full Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3 compatibility.

World's Top Companies Use JRun

JRun is deployed in production at over 10,000 companies worldwide.


JRun 4 in Action


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