w3d SDK Program

Looking for 3D Exporters or the Shockwave Player?

This program is only for those looking to create their own translators that save out to the .w3d file format. If you are looking for an existing translator, please see our 3D Product Service Grid to see which tools currently offer translators. If you are looking for the Shockwave Player, please visit our Download Center.

The w3d SDK Program is a free program that will enable the 3D community to standardize on a single, powerful, ubiquitous platform for displaying 3D content on the web. This platform is Macromedia Shockwave Player.

Shockwave Player distribution far exceeds that of any other 3D web technology available today, and with the industry's leading 3D modeling and animation tools already supporting the w3d file format, Shockwave Player is poised to become the de facto standard for bringing 3D content to the Web.

The w3d SDK will enable program members to create an exporter from any 3D file format to the Director and Shockwave-compatible w3d format. The w3d format can be imported into Director, combined with any other media type supported by Director, then published to the web via Shockwave Player. The w3d SDK Program is primarily for 3D modeling and animation tool vendors and makers and users of proprietary 3D content creation tools who wish to enable their customers to deploy their 3D content on the web with Shockwave Player.

To apply for the w3d SDK Program you need to read and agree to the License Agreement and the NDA.

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