Predictive Modeling

Use artificial intelligence to maximize conversion by implementing recommendations for the optimal mix based on goals and budget. Get better campaign predictions with models for expected clicks, costs, CPC, position, and revenue for your search marketing strategy.

Know your audience’s next step — before they do.

You have a budget. And you need it to land as many conversions as possible. This means you have to make exactly the right trade-offs. But consumers now use multiple devices and engage with brands on multiple channels — making it even harder to predict your audience’s behavior.
Predictive modeling is powered by Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning framework. It tells you what’s most likely to happen based on the scenarios you set up. By forecasting the future viewing habits of your audience, the AI-powered engine selects the right path, and even makes the tough trade-off decisions — on audience, device, geography, and time. The result is an increase in your conversions with the exact same budget, or you can even lower your budget while maintaining your current conversion rate.

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Predictive modeling
Get insights on how to best reach your audience — at what time, on which screens, and with what keyword search — while stretching your budget as far as possible.

Engagement modeling
By identifying customer micro-moments, such as downloading a coupon, you can plan to respond with new customer interactions, such as retargeting with a search ad tomorrow. Our bidding algorithm uses more than 2,000 metrics from Adobe Analytics to optimize the entire sales funnel.

Keyword and dimensional modeling
Our machine learning models show the expected clicks, costs, CPC, position, and revenue across dimensions, and provide accuracy reports. Keyword optimization provides insight into intent and bid optimization. Dimensions supported include device, geography, day, and audience. You also can drill down into each metric and day for detailed analysis and better campaign planning.

Ad spend recommendations
Get forecasting information to help you budget across search channels and brands. By automating media planning, budgets are distributed for the best return.


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Let’s talk about what Adobe Advertising Cloud can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Advertising Cloud can do for your business.