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Light up your world in Lightroom.

Create light in any setting with Kohki Yamaguchi.

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Level up your Lightroom skills with short tutorials 

Customise the colour.

Selectively sharpen, brighten and lighten your image for a striking effect.

Erase objects.

Remove distractions and create a fresh look with the Masking Tool.

Draw the eye.

Learn to use the Radial Gradient to enhance your image.

Define the edges.

Frame your photo with the Brush tool and texture effects.

Free presets to give your light a lift.

Experiment with Kohki’s signature tones.

True blue.

Cool, pre-sunrise tones- Kohki Yamaguchi’s signature style.


Glittering colours and bright lights for dive-in night scenes.


Sharp edges and soft focus for a framed landscape.


Selective brightening to bring out the glow.

Kohki Yamaguchi is a photographer and filmmaker based in Tokyo, Japan.

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Create anything you can imagine with Lightroom.

Create anything you can imagine with Lightroom and Photoshop.