Adobe Digital Government Forum

Innovating public services by embracing digital
Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 | The Hotel Brussels

Adobe Digital Government Forum



Adobe Digital Government Forum


Public services need to become more innovative. The vehicle for this change will be digital through its power to improve engagement with the citizen and to streamline internal processes. This is exciting and crucial to the delivery of public services fit for the 21st century.
Why should we do this? Because it is what citizens expect. They do not see the siloes of government departments and want to interact in a standardised and efficient way – as they do every day in their interactions with their bank or retailer. As technologies make it easier to communicate with citizens, the Government has an opportunity to make customer service a top priority for public services. Companies like Amazon and Google have made online transactions easier than ever, achieving a high service level that people have now come to expect.
Bringing together the Belgian Government Community
For the first time in Belgium, Adobe is bringing together governmental organizations and institutions to share and discuss experiences and best practices. Moderated by Luc Blyaert, the agenda of this half day event features speakers that bring a variety of experiences on how they have embraced digital for their organizations.
The plenary session in the morning, will be followed by an informal networking lunch. During this lunch and open bars, participants can join discussion circles on topics of interest. The discussion circles offer the opportunity to directly engage with speakers, experts and other participants.
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Registration and Coffee
Digital Marketing: setting the scene.
Luc Blyaert, Digital Expert - Opinion Leader
Introduction by Adobe – How to become an Experience Business in the GOV industry?
John Jolliffe, European Government Relations lead, Adobe
How Microsoft and Adobe seamlessly streamline your marketing efforts
Johan Torfs, Government Business Lead, Microsoft
Coffee Break
Customer Testimonials:
Bénédicte Lobelle, Digital Business / Marketing, Strategy & Management, Nationale Loterij – Loterie Nationale
Martine Waeckens, Program Manager, Vlaamse Overheid 
Lunch & Discussion circles


Featured Speakers


Supported by:
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With the participation of:
Vlaamse Overheid
Nationale Loterij
Tuesday, December 5th, 2017
From 9:00am to 2:00pm
The Hotel Brussels
Boulevard de Waterloo 38,
1000 Brussels
Park Ball room - 1st floor
Who can attend:
Professionals working for
governmental organizations
and institutions in Belgium.
Roles in communications, marketing,
ICT and digital project management.
Marion Maillard
Marketing Manager
+33 (0)6 09 97 54 49
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Luc Blyaert
Luc Blyaert
Digital Expert - Opinion Leader
Moderator of the Forum
John Jolliffe
John Jolliffe
European Government Relations lead Adobe
Johan Torfs
Johan Torfs
Government Business Lead Microsoft
Martine Waeckens
Martine Waeckens
is Program Manager at the Vlaamse Overheid.
Bénédicte Lobelle
Bénédicte Lobelle
Digital Business / Marketing, Strategy & Management
Nationale Loterij – Loterie Nationale