Multichannel marketing meets customers on their terms.

Your audiences are everywhere. They're engaging with your brand in a digital and physical way. With so many opportunities to connect, a multichannel marketing strategy improves your ability to maximise returns from each channel. You’re able to organise data and deliver campaigns more efficiently and effectively.
Email. Mobile. In store. Website. Which channel is most effective at getting your customers to buy? The short answer is: there is no right answer. To engage your audiences, you’ll likely need a combination of channels. Multichannel marketing allows you to connect with your customers where they want, when they want and how they want.
Multichannel marketing is the practice of independently managing campaigns for each channel. Data collection, audience targeting, automation and personalisation are all done with tools that operate separately. You must manage each channel in a way that gets the most out of it.
Adobe Marketing Cloud was built with multiple channels in mind. You have the ability to capture audience data, create and deliver experiences and analyse performance for every channel. The tools within the Adobe Experience Cloud also integrate with your CRM to provide a seamless connection between sales activities and your marketing campaigns, no matter which channels you rely upon.
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Automate email marketing for maximum response.
Email continues to be one of the most effective customer engagement channels. Authenticated data collected in Adobe Campaign allows you to improve email campaign performance by speaking to your customers in a personalised way. You can create personalised email messages based on data such as contact name, gender, age or product interests. For even greater performance, you set date and time delivery parameters, so your messages are received at the best possible moment.
Automation workflow tools help you to manage email sequences. Message delivery can be triggered by actions, such as clicking an embedded link or opening a previous email or by a waiting period. Using pre-built or customised logic in Adobe Campaign, you're able to set delivery criteria that can help to improve open rates and drive more clicks.
You can track email campaign performance with confidence. Data visualisation inside your marketing dashboard shows campaign activity, providing insights about which messages are converting and which ones should be abandoned.
Use social media to get the conversation going.
Social media channels have evolved to become a key pathway for connecting brands with their audiences. Adobe Social helps you to monitor conversations and share your brand's voice through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. You can use buzz-monitoring data to identify opportunities, trends and threats though a single view.

Your social team can view social mentions of your brand, its products and related hashtags across the entire social media spectrum.

Your social team can view social mentions of your brand, its products and related hashtags across the entire social media spectrum. You also gain visibility into competitor conversations. Managing your social presence is easy as you route and track comments using a real-time moderation queue.

With even the smallest social team, you can automate posting to hundreds of social pages at one time, using a content calendar that helps organise publication, internal approvals and audience targeting. Through your marketing dashboard, you can analyse the types of content, social networks and key influencers that drive engagement and yield measurable business results.
Optimise your paid media for better results.

To be effective with your multichannel marketing, you've got to be able to drive traffic to landing pages through your paid media. With Advertising Cloud, you can manage ad buying through programmatic algorithms that help forecast the right mix of search, display and social ads based upon the budget you set.
You can view paid campaign performance through vibrant data visualisation, helping you to understand how your audiences are engaging with paid content. Adobe Advertising Cloud's accuracy reporting provides insights into when and where you should be investing your advertising budget.
You can automate the execution of your paid media strategy without guesswork. Sophisticated models allow you to test messaging and visualise expected traffic and conversion rates based on keywords, ad placement, spend levels and other variables. You're able to uncover the highest performing mix across your paid media portfolios.
Mobilise your marketing to be there in the moment of need.
Today's consumers do more on mobile devices than ever before. Keeping your brand story front-and-centre means connecting through multiple handheld screens with a combination of mobile web, app, SMS and email strategies.
Marketing through mobile devices allows you to deliver relevant experiences in the moment of need. You can proactively create real-time messaging based on profile attributes, customer behaviours or geographic information from third-party IP databases. Even more powerful is the capability to trigger changes to improve user experiences.
With Adobe Advertising Cloud, you’re able to collect data and deliver content through most leading device operating systems and mobile app development tools. You can also create customised push notifications based on mobile app metrics, such as no launches within the past month.
Adobe Campaign allows you toacquire, analyse and engage app users with 1:1 personalised messages across push notifications, in-app messaging and app messaging channels like Line, WeChat or Facebook Messenger.
Improve marketing maturity beyond a multichannel marketing strategy.
You have so many channels to engage your audiences, from email to social to in-store to display ads. But a multichannel approach limits how you can manage the customer experience across all your channels. You can connect touchpoints in each channel by taking the next step towards marketing maturity. Cross-channel marketing allows you to connect your channels and drive a more consistent customer journey. Advancing to a cross-channel approach allows you to become a mature marketing organisation and get even better results.
To be more effective at marketing, you have to connect your data across the tools you use to create and deliver your story. To improve efficiency, your content should be pulled from a central repository. And to optimise your targeting, you need a single customer view from all your marketing channels. In order to make it all work, you need analytics, campaign management, media storage and organisation, video optimisation and other tools. As you share your brand story with the world, the solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud help you to maximise returns from each channel by bringing it all together within a cross-channel marketing approach.

Adobe can help.

Multichannel marketers must rely on the right tools to deliver engaging content through email, web, social, mobile and more. Adobe Marketing Cloud has all the tools to help improve response, boost ROI and get better connected with your customers.