With the right context, email really comes to life.

Email is as important as ever — maybe even more. But you can’t just use the same old email marketing strategy to succeed. Forget what email used to be. The technology behind tomorrow’s email marketing is letting you take charge today.
With the right context, email really comes to life.


Adobe has been recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs research report.

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Strategy and tech are working as one.

Data is now being used to shape commercial strategy. Keep up with the changing role of IT in the 2020 Digital Transformation Trends  report.


Email marketing for today with the technology of tomorrow.

In today's experience-driven culture, your customers expect more from email than lackluster messages, bad timing or impersonal communication. If you can't prove that you know and respect them by sending the right messages at the right time, your emails will end up in the junk folder. You need an email strategy for today’s expectations and you need the technology to blow those expectations away.
Customer-first strategy.
Customer-first strategy.
Excite your customers by developing your email strategy with them in mind. Then let that strategy guide your priorities and help you always deliver the right message.
Context from data.
Context from data
Get the context you need by bringing customer engagement, preference and cross-channel data together. Then use that data to be sure your emails are relevant.
Content that’s personal.
Content that’s personal
Combine data with beautiful design to create truly compelling messages. Then use contextual info dynamically to make it even more useful.
Right-time delivery.
Right-time delivery.
Send emails that respond to customer needs and behaviours at just the right time. Then meet your customers wherever they are in their journey.


Email marketing is growing up. Don't get left behind.

Getting email right doesn’t take luck. It takes hard work and an honest evaluation of where you are and where you need to be. Take our “Email Marketing Self-assessment” to see where you are on the email maturity scale.

How top brands are succeeding with email.


Hostelworld personalises customer journeys

Leading hostel booking company reaches young, mobile audience through its website, email, and mobile app with the right message at the right time.

Virgin Holidays drives 90% engagement.

Top holiday company tailors customers’ travel communications for a 150% jump in conversion.
Virgin Holidays

Email isn’t going anywhere. But we are.

Great emails start with Adobe Campaign, our best-of-breed email marketing and cross-channel campaign management software. But as effective as it is alone, it’s even better as a part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Draw on robust, integrated customer profiles and powerful audience segmentation. Tap into our personalisation engine. Quickly create clean, beautiful emails every time.

See email in action and how you can get started.

Build a solid digital foundation.
The right technology, framework and resources are the cornerstones of engaging experiences.
Orchestrate a campaign.
Consumers traverse the online and off-line worlds effortlessly and expect their experience to be consistent and relevant. In this cross-channel world, Adobe helps you to integrate, execute and measure omnichannel campaigns.
Personalised experiences
Know what your customer wants and needs at any moment, then deliver it consistently and across every channel.



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