Engage your customers. At every moment.
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You have a big job ahead of you. You have to create engaging, multichannel and personal experiences for your mobile customers. Delivering the best experience, at the right moment, on the right device is challenging. You’ll need to understand your customers in the right context. The best way to do this is with a single integrated system for content and customer data..

A connected, relevant experience on every channel.

Adobe can help


If your customers aren’t getting a seamless experience across mobile devices, apps, web and other channels, you’re likely losing them. What you need is a single solution that lets you connect the dots across devices and between online and physical experiences.


Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe can help.
 With Adobe Experience Manager, you can easily create engaging customer experiences for all screens — without writing code. Using the same content, Experience Manager lets you create sites and pages that automatically adjust to all devices — even in-store displays. Your customers can start a transaction on a mobile device, continue on a desktop and complete it on a tablet — picking up seamlessly wherever they left off.


Quickly get the right content to the right person.

Adobe can help


To engage your customers along every step of their journey, you must know exactly how they’re interacting with your content. So you need to collect and analyse a lot of data. With these insights you can test and fine-tune content continually so it’s always personalised and relevant — and ultimately, increases brand loyalty. To do it all, you’ll need one integrated solution.



Adobe Target & Adobe Analytics

Adobe can help.
 With Adobe Target, it’s easy to test two versions of an offer to find out which one performs the best. Deliver personalised content based on real-time data — increasing your conversions while reducing your workload. Plus, get real-time insights with Adobe Analytics. Identify at what point you're losing customers so you can re-engage them with reminders or additional offers. Send personalised customer communications — like approval letters, welcome kits and promotional offers — across web, email and even print.


Create forms that convert on any screen or device.

Adobe can help


You know the importance of engagement. And since forms are often the first way customers experience your brand, it’s critical to make your form processes as hassle-free as possible. A secure digital solution would speed up the time it takes to complete, route and approve forms. Reduce the errors caused by manual data entry. And save you and your customers time by eliminating printing, mailing and faxing.


Adobe Experience Manager & Adobe Sign

Adobe can help.
 Experience Manager and Adobe Sign help make your form processes paperless, efficient and even automated — on any device. Simplify the entire form-filling process and speed up turnaround times. Author one form that automatically responsively adapts to all devices and browsers. Reduce data entry errors by prefilling forms and validating content. Eliminate faxing and postage with secure, legal and trusted electronic signatures. And control who can access your forms and under what circumstances. Forms become simply painless.



Know your audience. Find your customer.

Adobe can help


When you understand the makeup of your audience, you can deliver targeted content and offers based on common characteristics like frequent buyers or shoppers of a particular age group. To get those insights you need an integrated solution that combines all your data sources in one place.



Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe on help.
 Adobe Audience Manager collects all your customer data to create unified audience profiles — so you can target the same customers through web, social, search and mobile. It becomes easy to deliver a consistent and personalised experience to the same audience segment across all channels.


Connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

Why Adobe?


Presenting a disconnected experience to your customers affects the perception of your brand and can create a competitive disadvantage. Adobe can help you to create, manage and deliver contextually relevant and connected experiences across online and off-line touch points.


Why Adobe.

Adobe Experience Cloud gives you all the tools you need to deliver relevant, personal experiences in one integrated solution. Create consistently amazing experiences for desktops, tablets, mobile — and even in-store displays — without coding. Build easy-to-complete forms with legally binding electronic signatures through integration with Adobe Document Cloud. Identify your best content with easy-to-execute tests. Get deep insights into your customers. With Experience Cloud, you can deliver a continuous experience on every device to build engagement and loyalty.

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