Enrol, onboard and communicate.
No paper required. 

Adobe Experience Manager Forms transforms government services from manual, paper-based processes to streamlined digital experiences that deliver processing efficiency, compliant communications and flexibility to address citizen needs.

Redefining Digital Government Experiences 

Let them sign on the digital line.

Cut down on paperwork. Cut down on time and costs. 

Agencies can gain more control and visibility over document workflows with Adobe Experience Manager, by providing an end-to-end solution for enrolment, onboarding and communications that leads to greater efficiency and substantial cost savings.
Lower costs per contact 
Online self-service can be provided at a cost of 10 cents or less versus $14 for in-person, $7 through call centres or $1.20 for mail.1
Increase government efficiency
87% of users say completing government transactions online saves time and energy.2
Optimise the citizen experience 
72% of citizens prefer self-service interactions over phone or email support.1
Money matters: The economic benefits of faster digital adoption.

Money matters: The economic benefits of faster digital adoption.

Nearly 40% of federal and state transactions are completed using traditional channels. If this figure is reduced to just 20% over the next decade, the savings is estimated at $17.9 billion — a digital transformation worth four times as much as it costs.

The Economics of Digital Government Transformation

Digital makes a difference to your bottom line.

Ditch traditional pen and paper for more efficient digital workflows and better citizen experiences. Use our Digital Transformation Savings calculator to see how much your department could save in just one year.
Digital makes a difference to your bottom line.

Improving efficiency and maintaining trust — at every level.

See how agencies are empowering employees and increasing citizen engagement with digital forms and automated processes.


Simple workflows. Simplified communication. All in one solution.

People are looking for uncomplicated ways to connect with your agency. And your employees need processes that make their jobs easier in the office or in the field. Experience Manager Forms works with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to help improve the experience and overall satisfaction.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms
Government services for a new generation

Government services for a new generation.

Citizens in the new digital world expect to gain easy access to government services, on all of their devices. See how you can engage citizens and improve employee processes — all while maintaining security and compliance. 
1.  Kate Leggett, “Trends 2015: The Future of Customer Service,” Forrester Research, Inc., March 2015
2.  “Open the door to citizen self-service portals,” Adobe, 2015.