Adobe Advertising Cloud Cross-Screen Ad Planning

The flow of content across channels and devices provides brands with new opportunities to deliver their message. At the same time, this shift makes it more difficult for brands to reach their fragmented audiences. The cross-screen planning software from Adobe Advertising Cloud lets you plan and buy advertising across screens and formats while accurately measuring reach, frequency, and impact in a transparent and effective way.

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Desktop video

With in-stream and in-banner inventory, standard and interactive pre-roll formats are the most common for digital video advertising. Desktop video advertising is still a keystone of a brand advertiser’s overall media strategy.

Mobile video

With the rise in smartphone use, advances in broadband coverage and screen size expansion, consumers are rapidly switching media consumption to mobile devices. Mobile advertising should now be a key component of any overarching brand strategy.

Social video

Advertising Cloud is one of the first video buying platforms to integrate with the Facebook API. You can now integrate your video advertising on Facebook and Instagram alongside existing linear TV, digital video, and display advertising initiatives.

Programmatic television

By automating the television ad buying process, our Programmatic TV (PTV) solution allows you to buy TV ads using software, giving you access to inventory and audiences unavailable through traditional methods of television ad buying.

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