Finding your audience in the digital noise.


Zero in on big opportunities.

It’s your most loyal fans who keep your business moving. But if you can’t separate them from countless other site visitors, offering them the personal attention they deserve is impossible. Having a DMP with rules-based audience segmentation lets you identify your most valuable customers, so you can deliver relevant experiences to those who matter most.

Build high-value segments using online and offline data.

Find new users whose behavior matches your best customers.

Target people across touchpoints and devices.

Create connected user experiences with Experience Cloud integrations.


Build on what you already know.

Find your most valuable customers within your first-party data. Then use their traits to identify undiscovered audiences. Add data from all your online and offline sources, and you’ll have the insights you need to build detailed audience segments.

Activate audiences across solutions.

Audience Manager integrates seamlessly with other Experience Cloud solutions. So Adobe Analytics, Target, Media Optimizer, and Campaign customers can easily import audiences for a complete end-to-end user experience.


Integration with Analytics is our customers’ most utilized feature.

Discover new potential customers from within Audience Manager. Having a data management platform with native algorithmic segmentation means you won’t have to lean on an external source for lookalike modeling.

Recognize your customers in every context.

Merge user identities across devices, touchpoints, and authentication states. Then recognize your customers every time they engage.

Leading the data management evolution.

See why Adobe leads the industry in providing solutions that meet the growing demands of data management. Read the new Forrester Wave: Data Management Platforms, Q4.

Do more with your marketing.