Autopilot for your campaigns.

Autopilot for your campaigns.
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As a marketer, you’re always looking for ways to increase conversion and engagement. And the best way to do this is to make your advertising more personal. But that can take a lot of work and money. That’s why you need dynamic ad templates that let you automate personalization, allowing you to quickly create and deliver relevant content in bulk.


Automate the creative muse.

Adobe Advertising Cloud


With thousands of customers, making sure each ad feels personal seems impossible. But, by using dynamic ad templates, you can automatically fill in creative elements, such as images or text. That means your advertising will adjust to fit your consumer, so you can deliver customized ads based on individual interests and behaviors.


Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe can help. Adobe Advertising Cloud dynamic creative optimization (DCO) lets you create automated ad units that are based on your customer data. That means you can get your message to market fast and always deliver relevant content to your customers, keeping them more engaged.



Segmented audiences. Unified data.

Adobe Audience Manager


With a single customer profile built from all of your data sources, you can deliver tailored messages to the consumer. That means you need an integrated system that unifies your customer profiles, so you can more easily define audiences and test across those segments. Once you define your audience, then you can create better messages that connect with a specific audience.


 Adobe Audience Manager
Adobe can help. Adobe Analytics identifies your high-value segments and creates unique customer profiles. Adobe Audience Manager collects all your audience data into one place, giving you an integrated view of your customer. That means you don’t get fragmented reports from every marketing system in your company. It also means you can trigger a DCO ad layout, creating a relevant and personalized experience — fast.



Put your data to the test.

Abode Target


You want to deliver on the messages that perform well with each of your audiences. This means you need to be adaptable, adjusting multiple components of your content to match your target audience. To do that requires more than the ability to test your marketing — it requires testing at scale.


Advertising Cloud and Target


Adobe can help. Adobe Advertising Cloud automatically adjusts your campaign to incorporate the elements that perform best with your audiences. Our custom algorithm delivers the right experiences based on the best test results and audience data. Adobe Target identifies your best content through easy-to-execute tests. So you can deliver the right experience to the right customer.



Get consistent profiles. Give consistent experiences.

Adobe Audience Manager


You need a single data source for tracking campaigns and landing page performance. And you need your technology to communicate and share information, so you don’t have to re-create audiences in each of your systems. So your ad delivery system and audience data can work together instead of in isolation.


 Adobe Audience Manager
Adobe can help. By using the same audience profile for ad and landing page experiences, you can deliver a powerful and consistent message to your customers.  And with Adobe Analytics, you’ll have a central data source for all your engagement and conversion information.

Real-time content. Fast results.

Why Adobe?


Knowing which content is most valuable and how and where to deploy that content can be a monumental challenge. By using the same audience profile for all of your marketing, with templates that automatically customize content, your consumers can have truly relevant experiences.



Why Adobe.
Adobe helps you create amazing and dynamic content, deliver it in the right place at the right time, and measure its effectiveness — automatically and at scale. And with a central data source, you can make sure all your messaging is aligned and your information is in sync. So all your customers get experiences that feel relevant to them.
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